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Rhythmic movement and social contact strengthen our personal development. We can develop freely in dance, keep fit and enjoy a positive relationship.

With the appropriate commitment, we can grow beyond ourselves, get to know dance in all its diversity and express ourselves with it. Dance has a healing effect, it makes us happy, it lets our creativity run free and it connects people!

Under this heading is the work of



Since 2009, the ONE STEP AHEAD association has been accompanying groups of children from the age of 6 to young-at-heart adult groups who like to move to music and focus on “Urban Dances”. These so-called "Urban Dances" are also known from the American "street dance" and summarize styles such as Locking, Breaking, Popping, House, Hip-Hop and Waacking.

The association consists exclusively of volunteer functionaries who, in addition to their main job, take on very valuable and responsible tasks: All of our members enjoy varied all-year training with an experienced and professional team of trainers who have a wealth of experience from travel, camps, workshops and training. In addition to regular training, the team organizes dance events such as contests, battles and workshops with international greats, as well as numerous trips to dance events at home and abroad.


At this point, THANKS to the strongest team in the world!

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