The dance sport event "City Pool Beatz" in the old indoor pool in Feldkirch is already a household name in the urban dance scene.


After a long "breather", the event is celebrating its tenth edition, which will be presented with an extended program under the central motto "Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun" (Africa Bambata).  

For this reason, the open youth work in Rankweil, the open youth work in Frastanz and the hip-hop dance club "One Step Ahead" have started a close cooperation.


Around 800 hip-hop dancers and visitors from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy will once again get their money's worth at the City Pool Beatz.


A high level of perseverance, creativity, flexibility and musicality is expected from the dancers in urban dance.

The focus is on the idea of providing young dance athletes with a stage on which they can present themselves so that they can be seen by a large public.